BALDA BALDINETTE 35mm folding camera c. 1950

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A quite old school camera, a bit tricky to use at first approach. You do need the original instructions manual. Just follow that link (thanks to

Another good advice from Lomography : "The shutter needs to be cocked before firing, but this can be done independently from advancing the film, meaning endless exposures with no effort. In order to advance the film, you need to press in a safety button, preventing involuntary film advancing. After you advanced a frame, the safety is locked until you fire the shutter again, so you can’t advance more then one frame at a time, which eliminates the question “did I advance the film after the last frame?”, which can be sometimes difficult to answer, after you did not use the camera for a few days."

Maker's name Balda Bunde Kamera-Werk 
Country of origin West-Germany
Years of production 1950s
Film format  135 
Lens BALDA CASSAR 50mm f/2.8
Shutter  Prontor S
Speed range B, 1-300

Aperture values f2.8 (stops to f16)
Condition grade
Cosmetic  Very Good
Mechanical  Very good

Shutter serviced and re-lubricated. 

Lens  Good,

Lenses disassembled and cleaned. Still showing some light internal marks, and cleaning scratches