LOMO Lubitel 2 6x6 medium format

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A favourite for generations, this original LOMO Lubitel 2 twin-lens-reflex is a Soviet copy of the 1934 Voigtländer Brilliant, made after the entire Voigtländer factory was taken over by the Soviet Union post WW2.

Do not underestimate the power of this camera to produce stunning images, sharp and with fab colours. It is bang on trend, low cost, low spec and will deliver oodles of fun. A great camera to learn with, as it does provide a range of settings and a fun one to use for seasoned photographers needing simplicity.

Here is a fine example, fresh from the workshop where it has been professionally serviced. This means the shutter and all moving parts were dismantled, cleaned and reassembled for the smoothest, snappiest and best experience you can have with this 40 year old camera. Sadly the self=timer mechanism was damaged and has to be removed.

Takes 120 film, see below for recommendations.

Comes with original vinyl faux leather case. and leather strap.