Links: Useful, interesting and invaluable, with some credits

Here you'll find a list of useful, invaluable and interesting links. 

The camera information pages listed here we acknowledge as our sources for information on all our cameras, and we are grateful to all those involved. 


CAMERA MANUALS: For vintage camera manuals, Mike Butkus has made his collection of manuals available online for free for many years. The simplest is to google:  "Butkus" followed by your camera name. We give his reference with every vintage camera we sell. It is the most comprehensive archive of its type, it is open access and you can download your manual. We do suggest a small donation when you do so, as he does not charge for this service: Some unrelated services seem to charge a lot for hard copies taken from his website. And he has been providing this invaluable service for many years, allowing many of us to figure out how our sometimes obscure vintage camera actually works. 

The simplest is to google:  "Butkus" followed by your camera name. 

But here's the link to his site:

THE BROWNIE CAMERA PAGE: Celebrating 119 Years of Kodak Brownie Cameras - 1900-2019
Another labour of love, this one from Chuck Baker. And we have been fans right from the start. Many years ago, this site inspired and educated our Sam's early Kodak collection. Over the years, it has been an invaluable and constant source of information on these wonderful cameras. Almost everything we know about Kodak Brownie cameras comes from this single resource. It is checked and handed over every time we sell a Brownie. 

Link to this page:

Chuck Backer is also a fine and inventive photographer:

He also runs this super Blog: The Alternative Photographer, For Those Who See Through A Different Lens

AAAAAnd he now has his own shop in the netherlands:

AAAAAAAAAND NOW, introducing his first film: BCG P-400 


Another labour of love. Sylvain Halgand's fantastically encyclopaedic archive of cameras. A major reference for us that we use daily. We offered to translate some of his camera descriptions and specs into English... we have yet to do so, but if anyone out there fancies helping him out, I'm sure he'd appreciate. 


Another major reference that we use daily, with thanks. We do not yet know who is behind it, but it is  a free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models.

WIKIPEDIA: We couldn't leave out this now venerable institution, and source of so much information from so many people. Great for info on individual cameras. And everything.


KOSMO FOTO: Exploring the world of analogue photography since 2012.

An influential, informative and fun online magazine run by Stephen Dowling, an inveterate fan of russian cameras, passionate film photographer, writer, traveller, and all round Mr Photo Guy, as decribed by one of our visitors recently. It is a driving force in the film revival to be encouraged and supported as much as possible. So say us. It is of course the home of Kosmo Foto Mono 100, also available on our website, the first film from this cool new brand with many more to follow we hope.



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