Condition Guide

As a general guide line we are following this guidance classification.

Cosmetic Condition:

  • As New: Mint condition or apparently never-used. May be new from old stock, boxed or unboxed. May be a brand new item used for display. 
  • Excellent: Without scuffs or wear, 
  • Very Good:Minimal marks or wear. Obviously not new but looking fantastic. It may have been restored.
  • Good : light marks or wear, some very minor signs of use but no obvious flaws, major dents or scratches. 
  • Fair : Discreet flaws such as faded bellows, discreet dents or scratches, faded or gently worn leatherette, paint rubbed off, brass showing
  • Poor: showing significant wear, perhaps dents, missing parts or tears in old bellows. May have lots of character! This does not relate to the working order of  the camera, described separately.


Shutter function, described as :

  • Working, accurate: Accuracy is estimated only, with minor variations a possibility. 
  • Working, with inaccuracies: (stuck or sluggish at slow speeds etc...).
  • Not working: (maybe repairable)
  • Damaged: (parts broken or missing)

All other mechanical functions (film advance, winding cranck, bellow extension, mirror lockup etc) will be part of the individual item description.


  • Excellent: As new condition or apparently never-used.
  • Very Good:Minimal marks or wear. Obviously not new but looking fantastic. It may have been cleaned/refurbished.
  • Good : light marks or wear with possible cleaning marks or imperfection on coating.
  • Fair : Discreet flaws such small dents or scratches on exterior, possible haze, dust in optitical element.
  • Poor: showing significant use and wear, possible damage, fungi,large haze or glue discolouration

We don't always repair cameras or fix certain faults: Any flaw or fault will be described. Some cameras are so beautiful and still desirable as display objects or in a collection even if they cannot be used, and some flaws may in fact be sought after, seen by many as adding character to the camera or the photos that they take.

So, like many of our esteemed and trustworthy fellow vintage camera traders, we outline our grading policy for the cameras that we sell, backed by our guarantee and returns policy. We have adapted this guide from the McKeown’s grading system and that of several of our favourite fellow traders who have built a solid reputation for quality and honesty.

Sam and J.