Please note: We have temporally stopped trading at Old Spitalfields Market. We are looking forward to reopening our shop at the market as soon as possible. Until we can offer you a safe and agreeable way to select your camera in person, we have decided to  trade online only until further notice. Here, you can be assured that we remain committed to offering you our properly serviced cameras with our usual quality of service and backed with our commitment to great after sales support. Thank you for your comprehension.

DISCOVER the BCG Film Company

 We are proud to be the exclusive UK partners of the new BCG Film Company, who launched their first film in 2019, the stunning cinematic BCG-P400. 2020 sees the launch of their striking new high contrast PHC50.

The BCG Film Company was founded in 2019 by the legendary Brownie Camera Guy.

"The BCG Film Company has been a dream of mine for many years and I’m very excited about making these films available to the analogue photography world." 

And who is this Brownie Camera Guy?

Meet Chuck Baker.

He is such a wonderful guy. As a  professional photographer, he will surprise you with the wit and poetry of his work.

He is a man of many dreams come true, and his blossoming projects are true labours of love.

One of these is his Brownie Camera Page. Since 1994, it has become the most amazing source of information about the camera that is justly credited with popularising photography as an activity, as a mass produced, cheap camera that was simple to use. It was the first point and shoot, and it followed growing children, soldiers in the trenches, working folk on their new holidays.

There is something of the Brownie in Chuck: He is friendly, he is humble, yet tremendously fun without being overly complicated!

He is mad keen on promoting analogue film photography:

"I’ve always loved it when something “new” comes along catering to film photography. Anything new that’s analog now-a-days has an additional importance.  Usually, if not always, it’s instigated by people who are obsessed with analog. They’re not in it strictly for the money or they wouldn’t spend their time, energy and resources on film photography"

And that is why his hand spooled  BCG- P400, such a high quality motion picture film, is priced so reasonably compared to other cinematic roll film available. He just wants you to use it and enjoy, discover, appreciate, create film photography.

If you fancy meeting Chuck, you'll have to pop into his recently opened shop in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. At BCG Film & Photography, you'll find all the charm and expertise of a proper old school shop with the warm and expert service of the man himself:

"As an obsessed film photographer, I opened BCG Film & Photography in February, 2018. This small analog photography shop is a dream come true. It literally started with a couple of film choices and now offers over 125 films, darkroom chemistry and continues to expand what’s offered. Order online or walk in the shop located in Nijmegen. We’ll talk photography over a cup of coffee"

 Chuck has been educating us about cameras for years, he introduced us to Film Washi, he enchants us with his photography and his sound attitude to life... and to business. To be the first and only UK retailers of the BCG Film Company is very very special to us.