F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I ask a silly question? You'd be surprised how often we hear that one. Well the answer to that is that there is no silly question! When someone asks us, embarrassed even, if they can ask a silly question, it usually turns out 1) to be a perfectly valid question and 2) to be a question many people have already asked or are asking themselves and dare not ask us because it seems like a silly question. 

  • Not-a-silly-question number 1: Can this camera take colour photos? Yes it can.  It is one of the most frequent questions we get asked! "Colour" or "Black and White" in traditional film photography is determined by the chemistry and structure of the film used, rather than the camera itself. So all cameras can shoot both black and white film and colour film. 
  • Not-a-silly-question number 2: Is film still being manufactured? Yes! Following a dramatic decline of analogue technologies at the beginning of the digital era, film is back! We are experiencing a sparkling revival which has seen the return of many of the traditional manufacturers like Kodak and Ilford, with new brands and new types of film appearing regularly, like Kosmofoto and Film Washi. 
  • Not-a-silly-question number 3: Can you still get film processed? Yes. Whilst some places are better catered for than others, there are some labs that offer a postal service. 
  • Where can we get the film processed? We keep an updated list of labs on this page.  It is mostly centred on our local area (London) but we will expand it as we gather more information. If you know or wish to recommend a lab, or run one yourself and wish to be added to our list, please get in touch. 
  • Where do we get our film from? 

    We guarantee that all our new film stock is factory fresh and supplied directly from the manufacturer or through their official distributors. Their strict and transparent quality control ensures that all new film we sell has been transported and stored in ideal conditions. We do not use grey imports.

  • Do we ship overseas? Our system is not currently set up to deal with overseas shipping. 
  • What can I do with my empty film canisters? You can bring them to us to be recycled. They will be used to house reconditioned film. 
  • Film is dead, long live film! Sorry, just felt like shouting out. 
  • Why do we leave cameras that have sold on display, as "sold out", instead of removing them immediately? Don't be annoyed if we still display cameras after they have been sold. We leave them up for a while, after they sell, to inform prospective buyers that they have indeed been sold. Removing them immediately might leave some people wondering where that camera is that they just were interested in but has now disappeared. After a short period, they will be moved to the previously sold section. Obviously, sometimes it looks silly if we sell cameras faster than we replace them, we end up with more cameras displayed as sold out than actually for sale. Feel free to tell us if we let that happen.
  • What is the purpose of the "previously sold cameras" section? This is an archive we keep to illustrate what sort of cameras we sell. As our stock varies enormously, it doesn't always convey the variety of cameras that we sell. There are times when it might appear that we only sell one type of camera or another, depending on what we have in stock. 
  • Why does our camera stock vary so much? We never know what we are going to find! 
  • Why do we have so few cameras for sale at a time? All our cameras are currently serviced by a single person, our Sam. This takes time. When sales are brisk, our stock may take a while to recover. Make sure you come back, from time to time, or get in touch if you are looking for something specific.
  • My question is not in this list, will you still answer it? Mais oui! You can get in touch with us through our contact page