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How to use Minolta X700

The Minolta X700 was one of the most pro-consumer advance camera of it's time, offering 3 modes

P: Program mode, very similar to Point and shoot, except that you still have to concentrate on focusing the image correctly.

Advantage: by freeing you of the speeds/apertures control you focus only on the subject. Good for beginner or fast action subject.

A: Aperture priority. With this mode you have no control of the speeds, the camera's computer choose it for you, accordingly to your aperture's choice.

Advantage, full control on the aperture give you control of depth of fields, and allow you to blur the background in portraiture for example.

M: Manual, full control of the apertures and speeds.

Advantage: Give you more creativity. Great for studio photography where action or speeds is not your priority. And the best way to learn how to handle different lighting situations.