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Service Workflow for Olympus XA series cameras

We illustrate here the service workflow for a Olympus XA2.

Bottom plate assembly removed:

  • check for dirt dust and damage. Clean.
  • check for loose, broken or missing parts.
  • check for corrosion due to battery leaking.
  • Clean and lubricate moving parts.
  • Winding mechanism checked for accuracy.



Top cover assembly removed:




- Top cover assembly stripped and cleaned.

- Shutter release button disconnected (desoldered), cleaned, checked, reconnected. All contacts tested, resoldered as necessary.


View finder cleaned


Film winding base disconnected, cleaned,  checked for wear or damage, replaced if necessary

 checked for flow and cleaned


 Front cover removed

 Front lens element disassembled and ready for inspection and cleaning.

 Diaphragm and shutter blades checked

 Lens housing assembly removed and light seal  foam replaced if necessary.

New light-seals: Old foam removed, all residue removed, new seals fitted


 Everything checked, cleaned and put back together


Final cleaning.


Dummy film loaded for final testing of all functions:

  • film loading/unloading
  • Wind/rewind
  • frame count accurate
  • film winding tension accurate.
  • All mechanical functions operate smoothly and accurately
  • Shutter tested
  • ISO selection and response
  • Self timer
  • Auto exposure Lock
  • Flash functions
  • etc ...

Fresh batteries then fitted before sale.