Contax Quartz 139 - motor winder- custom finish

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Absolutely gorgeous and delightful to use! Fitted with Yashica ML 50mm f/2 prime lens. 

Born in 1979 from an alliance between Zeiss and Yashica, the Contax Quartz 139 was designed as a compact yet full featured, high spec amateur camera following the success of their professional spec Contax RTS. 

This camera is perfect for beginners too and will adapt easily to your level of experience. 

It is compatible with all Contax/Yashica lenses, including Yashica ML and Zeiss T-star lenses. 

This model is complete with removable motorized drive for rapid film advance.


  • Quartz controlled shutter speed
  • Yashica ML 50mm f/2 lens
  • Exposure modes: Full automatic, aperture priority or full manual.
  • Vertical focal plane shutter speeds from 11s to 1/1000s
  • Compatible with wide range of lenses (Contax/Yashica bayonet mount)
  • Motorized winder for powered film advance
  • Film speed ISO 12 to 3200


The body is in very good condition, with very little signs of use. New foam light seal and mirror damper have been fitted.

The shutter is very snappy at all speeds, and all other functions have been tested, and work as they should.

The lens's body is in a cosmetically very good condition, again as it had very few use. Freshly customized by Sam with new black and red  snakeskin effect made of hard wearing leatherette

The lens's optic is in fair condition, with visible hazing and dust particles. (with minimum impact on the image's quality).

The winder uses 4 x AA batteries ( not included)