Film developing kit NUMBER ONE for black & white

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Sam & J's famous Film Developing Kit NUMBER ONE for Black and White Film.

The perfect starter kit. A basic but complete set of everything you need to develop your own black and white film easily and safely. 

No need for a dark room. You can do this in the kitchen.

The whole kit is easy to carry and fits in a medium size box.

Developing your film is the first stage in obtaining traditional photographic images, and creates the negatives. Our kit NUMBER ONE contains the basic equipment, chemistry and protective gear you need for this first stage, to create these black and white negatives safely and without a darkroom. It is a perfect starter kit, built around the classic Paterson universal tank and a large changing bag. Feel like an alchemist, a scientist, an artist and a magician! Makes a great gift. This set is a chemistry set that will enthrall, enrich and educate whilst nurturing creativity and independence. 

This kit is for black and white film only.


-Chemistry for up to 12 rolls of film

-A changing bag.

-A Paterson Universal film developing tank: Can process 2 x 135 or 1 x 120 format films.

-One set of film clips (to dry one single roll of film- the first clip is for the top and the second weighs the film down so it hangs down straight- if you wish to develop 2 films, you may wish to purchase an extra set of clips, or you could try using clothes pegs!)

-Mixing and storage containers

-A thermometer specially calibrated for black and white film processing

-PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Gloves, aprons and goggles for safety.


Please note that the exact contents of the kit may vary from those shown in the photos. We will always ensure, however, that the kit is always complete and of similar quality. 


Care must be taken to process your film safely. Film processing uses chemicals that are dangerous. 

Children will require supervision.

Instructions must be followed, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be warn and adequate ventilation must be provided. 

Keep separate from food preparation equipment and do not not use the same equipment for food preparation such as measuring jugs or mixing spoons.

Please note: This kit will only produce negative images. For the second stage, the negatives need to be turned into positives: Either by scanning, or by printing. Click here for more info. 

This kit is for black and white film only.