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Film "S" by Film Washi SOUND RECORDING FILM 620 Format

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Film Washi
Black and White
Sound Recording Film
50 iso
620 Roll Film

Film "S" is a film used by motion picture professionals for sound recording, a use which requires very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is guaranteed by a special anti-halation layer located between the film's base and the emulsion layer, while it is usually in the back layer for ordinary films.

High contrast- Very Fine Grain

Standard processing: Can be processed anywhere that offers B&W film processing.

This 620 roll film is used for many box cameras like the Kodak Brownie Six-20 or Brownie Flash, as well as the Gnome Pixie, Ensign Ful-Vue. 

Also available in 35mm and 120 roll film.

We think

This film is a favourite and has become one of our top sellers. Superb for close up detail with lots of depth, edgy urban shots, even dramatic street photography when there's plenty of light. 

Please note, this is 620 format, which is different to the more conventional 120 format. It is made with the same size film as 120 but on a different spool which will not fit in a 120 camera. 

We have this film specially spooled for us by Film Washi.