Film Washi

Film "Z" by Film Washi, Extended Red Sensitivity (INFRARED)

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Film Washi
Black and White
Extended red sensitivity up to 750 nm (near infrared)
400 iso
35mm, 24 exposures
Originally coated for aerial vegetation mapping, "Z" is a black and white film with extended red sensitivity up to 750 nm (Infrared). It offers nice contrast and green shades separation, even in cloudy weather, making it perfect for landscape photography. But it is a super versatile film, so don't just keep it for landscapes.
As a fast panchromatic black and white film, it is perfect for urban and street photography too. 
Add a deep red filter(R25) and you can dramatically enhance the infrared, giving some scenes a magic and often dramatic effect that is more subtle than a full infrared image, and very very beautiful. You'll get dark skies and highlighted reds and greens. 
As is not a true infrared film, it is much more versatile and simpler to handle and process than infrared film. 

Recommended uses: 

Perfect for landscape as it will give nice contrasts and green shades separation, even under cloudy weather. 

Available in 135-24 (35mm 24 exposures) and Single Use Cameras (24 exposures).

Standard processing: Can be processed anywhere that offers B&W film processing.