Film Washi

Film "Z" Single Use Camera

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Film Washi
Black and White
Near infrared film
400 iso
Single Use Camera
35mm, 24 exposures
  • Single Use Camera
  • Pre-loaded with Film "Z"
  • Black and White
  • 24 exposures
  • Send to your favourite lab for processing (standard black-and-white processing)
Originally coated for aerial vegetation mapping, "Z" is a near infrared sensitive film, offering nice contrast and green shades separation, making it perfect for lanscape photography.

Recommended uses: 

Perfect for landscape as it will give nice contrasts and green shades separation, even under cloudy weather. But not just for landscapes! Try it at parties, weddings, gatherings, for urban or street. 

Available in 135-24 (35mm 24 exposures) and Single Use Cameras (24 exposures).