Kodak brownie reflex 20 620 roll film pseudo TLR box camera

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In superb clean condition, ready to shoot again on 620 roll film.


Type: Box Rollfilm
Introduced: April 1959
Discontinued: Jan 1966
Film Size: 620
Picture Size: 2 1/4 X 2 1/4"
Manufactured: US, Assembled In UK 1960-65
Lens: Meniscus F/11
Shutter: Single Speed 1/40 Sec
Numbers Made: ?
Original Price: $17.00

The Brownie Reflex 20 featured a black moulded plastic body, twin-lens reflex design, a large brilliant finder with a hood, ans pin and screw flash contacts.

Fun Facts:
Though simple, like all Brownie cameras, the Reflex 20 is a reflex model that has rudimentory focusing that actually works. The viewfinder is really large and bright and this camera produces large, sharp images. A bonus is the pin and screw flash contacts allowing for use with many different Kodak flash holders. A fun camera to use!

Thanks to Chuck BAKER for this description.