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This beautifully handcrafted, medium format camera is the perfect pinhole camera for all. Philippe Leclerc, who handcrafts these amazing cameras, says: "This is my favourite. It is light, not too bulky, and it captures beautiful perspective with a very satisfying image quality" 

Professionals and amateurs alike will love this. It uses a standard film that is widely available and processed. It delivers a higher quality of pinhole-sharp images (sharp but with a soft quality unique to pinhole cameras) that can be enlarged considerably to produce stunning prints with a unique quality.    

It is fun and so simple to use. 

Rediscover your photographic innocence with style and a wee sense of adventure! Or learn about film photography by connecting to the very beginnings of the craft. 

We are often asked for a camera that delivers "vintage looking" photos. Here is one that really does that magnificently. 

WE RECOMMEND USING FILM WITH A SENSITIVITY OF ISO100 OR LESS. The camera is supplied with an exposure chart based on 100iso film. 

Film : 120
Frame : 56x56mm
Focal length : 30mm
Pinhole size : 0.2mm
Aperture : f/150