MAMIYA C220 6x6 TLR with 105mm f:3.5 Sekkor lens

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In Excellent  condition.

Fitted with a 105mm lens, excellent for portrait. 

Front lenses and viewfinder have been disassembled and cleaned. 

The shutter has been serviced and re-lubricated and is very snappy at all speed's. 

Taking lens clear and free from blemishes.

The viewing lens has a few fungus spots to the rear but that is not on the taking lens so will not affect the quality of the image.

The switch button between Single and Multiple exposure was a bit loose and has been reinforced with canvas tape. 

A great 6x6 medium camera that delivers amazingly sharp pictures. 

 Fully tested with film, you can see the result on the last 4 pics.

Fomapan 100 in Rodinal.