Nikon Nikkormat FT-N with Nikkor f:2.8 35mm

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All mechanical, second generation Nikkormat, Nikon's consumer version of the Nikon F, built to the same high standard. The manual states it offers the quality and versatility that professional photographers demand whilst being a camera that anyone can use.  

This has been described to us as "the soldier camera", as it was routinely issued to military photographers because of its sturdy and reliable nature. 

Compatible with all the Nikkor lenses


  • 35mm single-lens-reflex camera (SLR) with through-the-lens exposure meter.
  • Nikon F bayonet-type lens mount (rabbit ears)
  • Metal focal plane shutter with downward-vertical movement. Speeds from 1/1000s to 1s, plus B. 
  • Self-timer with 8s delay
  • Fixed eye level viewfinder with pentaprism. Shutter speeds and aperture needle are visible in the viewfinder
  • Focussing screen: matte fresnel field and central microprism spot for rapid and accurate focussing
  • Exposure metering: Centre weighted metering at full aperturewith Auto-Nikkor lenses.
  • Aperture coupling range extends from f/1.2 to f/32. 
  • Meter sensitivity: EV 3 to 17at ISO 100 (1/4s at f'1.4 - 1/1000s at f/11 with the 50mm f/1.4 lens).
  • Film speeds: ISO 12 to 1600
  • Maximum aperture scale from f/1.2 to f/5.6.
  • Meter designed to be powered by one 1.3V mercury battery (now obsolete): 
  • Single-stroke film advance lever winds the film, cocks the shutter and operates the frame counter.
    Also serves as on-off switch for the exposure meter.
  • Depth of field preview button on top of the camera.
  • Film-plane indicator: for measuring film-to-subject distance for close-up/macrophotography
  • For flash synchronisation, X and M flash terminals are provisded. Flash use requires fiting of optional Nikkormat flash shoe (not supplied)
  • Vibration free automatic instant-return mirror with locking up feature. 
  • Dimensions: 148mm x 95mm x 54mm
  • Weight: Body only 765g.


In overall good condition.

The body has some minor cosmetic issues: light bump on the top of prism's cover, another bump on top plate near winding lever and some light metal corrosion on the top plate mainly.

The viewfinder has some patches of fungi and dust, without impact on the image's quality.

It has been fitted with new foam light seal and mirror dumper.

Mechanically all functions have been tested and work fine as they should.

The lens's body is in a cosmetically very good condition, showing few signs of use.

The lens's optic is in good condition, with some hazing. (this will have a minimum impact on the image's quality). 

There is no scratches or fungi.