Rolleiflex Original Model K1 613 sn76463

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A beautiful, early model of this landmark camera. It has received a service as you can see on the last five pictures.

The taking lens  is now very clean without any major flaw.

The viewing lens is also very clean, having only some light scratches at the front.

The Compur shutter has been fully overhauled and is now working great at all speeds.

The viewfinder's hood is still very fiddly to use and must be operated with great care as it is quite fragile. (A couple of small screws are missing and have not been replaced).

The movement of the front assembly plate, which is responsible for accurate focusing, is not consistent, due to some wear in the focus mechanism. This is likely to affect focus precision, and because of this, we think it will be best as a display piece. We decided to perform more of a sympathetic, albeit comprehensive, service on this fragile camera, rather than a full overhaul. It may be more suitable for a collector looking for a well used historic camera, than for a photographer keen to use it on a daily basis.

 It has its original cap lens and leather strap.

Good to know : the front assembly that hold the two lenses which is moved forward and backward by the focusing knob is actually operated by  three endless spiral screws. So be careful not to go over the 2 meters distance as the front assembly may drop over.



  • Manufactured: 1930
  • Factory Model No's: K1  613
  • Taking lens : Zeiss Tessar 1:4.5/7.5 cm, number:2156609
  • Finder lens: Heidoscop 1:3.1/7.5 cm, number 73950
  • Shutter: F.Deckel-Compur 1-1/300, B, T
  • Serial numbers: 76463
  • Body number : 020558