T-MAX 100 35mm

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• Worlds finest grain 100-speed black-and-white film.
• Improved sharpness:Maintains subject detail in prints at higher degrees of magnification than conventional films.
• Expanded exposure latitude: Greater “forgiveness” with overexposure errors; quality prints from moderately under- or
overexposed negatives. Better highlight separation.
• Improved reciprocity at long and short exposure times
• Less compensation required than with conventional films.
• Excellent for use in copy applications with normal exposure and processing
• No need for contrast adjustment or special processing.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 100 Film ⁄ 100TMX is a continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film for general outdoor and indoor photography. It is especially useful for detailed subjects when you need maximum image quality. It is also excellent for copying black-and-white photographs, for making black-and-white copies from color transparencies, and for photomicrography. This film features medium speed (ISO100/21° in most developers), extremely high sharpness, extremely fine grain, and very high resolving power. It allows a very high degree of enlargement