Film Washi

Film "V" by Film Washi Handcrafted Japanese paper film

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Film Washi
Black and White
Panchromatic film on Gampi paper
100 iso
35mm, 16 exposures 
A new handcrafted film, more transparent, more sensitive and with better latitude exposure than "W". Handcoated on artisan Gampi paper made by the  Awagami Factory in Japan.

Sensitive to all colours, this film is a great choice to shoot landscapes with a unique pictorialist effect, but also portraits and all classic subjects.

Also available in 120 format.


Because of the artisan nature of this film, we recommend reading the datasheet to check compatibility with your camera and processing guidelines. This film is recommended for those who develop their own film. 

Processing: IMPORTANT This film cannot as yet be developed by commercial labs. It requires a dedicated kit, produced by Film Washi (click here for details).  As they are very thin and flexible, these paper based films cannot be loaded on modern processing reels without this kit, although some older tank brands can be used.