Zeiss Ikon CONTAX model 1 D with Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f-2

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Serial Number V80191. 

According to cameraquest:  a particularity of the first Contax generation, lots of them were sent back to the factory for a repair, and an extra letter A was engraved as a prefix of the serial number and Contax 1's without this second repair letter code are scarce. Our model is one of those scarce examples that does not have a second repair letter code. 

 This is a model Contax I (d), as it has all the characteristics in the series up to model (e). The viewfinder is on the INSIDE of the RF window. The accessory shoe has only 3 screws. (ref cameraquest website)

  • Contax I (a) most have "pimple" in front of focusing wheel, no slow speeds below 1/25th, has U or V in serial number.
  • Contax I (b) no "pimple," front plate extends from focusing wheel to VF window in one piece, no slow speeds
  • Contax I (c) slow speeds added, tripod mount support added
  • Contax I (d) button to unlock infinity lock added,
  • Contax I (e) viewfinder moved to OUTSIDE of RF window
  • Contax I (f) four screws in accessory shoe


Cosmetic condition: signs of use and aging, lots of brass showing, some pitting to the paintwork. This camera has been used, another sign that it has been functional. Please look at all pictures carefully. Any question, just ask.

The camera is in good working condition:

  • Shutter fires at all speeds, slow and fast. (the accuracy is not guaranteed.)
  • The rangefinder is working and is pretty accurate. (It is however very dim and finding the tiny yellow square maybe a bit of a challenge at the beginning).
  • The curtain is in good condition, without visible damage and very snappy at high speeds..


Early Carl Zeiss Jena f:2 50mm black and nickel barrel. In fairly good clean condition. With very light cleaning marks. Nickel exposed in areas where paint rubbed off.


the lens sit very well on the camera's body as it should. 

The camera does come with its original 777/8 leather case made for the rarer blackface 50/2 Sonnars (like this one)- (The stitching holding the case lid to the main body is missing).

We are providing a lot of pictures, please look at them carefully for an accurate description. 

Please read: even if it is still in working condition, we think it will be more suitable for display to complete a collection. If you intend to use it,  we recommand a full overhaul.

Again, any questions, just ask.